The Pants on Fire Convention

Debbie Wasserfaceshultz has become a parody of herself.

Biden has long since crossed that line

Nobama may actually believe his lies

The delegates booed adding back God to the platform – a platform Nobama had originally approved (a lie of omission)

Looking to keep digging after hitting rock bottom, last night, the DNC trotted out, in Prime Time,  Sandra Fluke who can afford a private education but not $10/mo for birth control, Elizabeth “Spreading Bull” Warren who cannot tell the truth about anything and former President “I was impeached for lying” Clinton.  I mean, his nick name is Slick Willie for goodness sake.

I watched Dallas vs NY Giants instead.

Additional observations from David Harsanyi:

Democrats say that things are a lot better than they used to be. And if you believe all the things we’re hearing, you might wonder: How did we survive in this Godforsaken place before 2008? Were children really left to die on the slab? Were college kids forced to pay for their own journalism degrees? Were people expected to head over to the CVS and buy their own condoms? Did we really suffer through year after year of 5 percent unemployment?

Were we really so immoral before He showed up? Apparently.


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