Rights – From Government or God/ Nature

In my continued search for why people are liberals and other conservative, I may have found the quintessential comparison.   Liberals don’t believe in people.  Only the collective.  They believe in “control” for the greater good.  They believe in “demand” not “supply”.  There is no better comparison than these two videos..

And now your quintessential leftist.  MSNBC’s Toure.  You have to watch this several times because his candor is almost scary.  This complete fool thinks rights come from Government.  All good comes from Government.  People are nothing.. Government is everything.  Not what this country was founded on.

What he said again..

“He loves this line of ‘our rights come from God and nature’, which is so offensive to so much of America,”

What America do you live in you loser…
My friends… this is the enemy.  The enemy of freedom.  The enemy of liberty.  This enemy occupies the White House and is ingrained in most positions of political power.  We cannot uproot these politicians.  We have to win hearts and minds.  Are there enough producers and free men left to fight this battle?  We’ll see..


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