Democrats Boo Jerusalem and God being added back to their platform

You can’t make this stuff up.  Clearly, the Nobama camp was getting pressure, losing funding or both from groups that demanded Jerusalem and God be added back to the DNC manifesto, er Platform.  So, the Dems try to quickly and quietly get it approved via a floor vote.  Oops.

People of faith – are you listening? Are you watching?  The real war is the war on religion the Democrats are waging.  Verbiage being added back will do nothing to change the way this President governs.  Catholic and Jewish voters should already be painfully aware.


This afternoon, the Democratic Convention ran off the rails when DNC Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa steamrolled over dissenting delegates to make sure that the Democratic party platform included language mentioning “God” and “Jerusalem.” Appearing Godless and insufficiently supportive of Israel was not the message that the president wanted to send with the party platform,

This year, the heavy emphasis on abortion and other liberal social issues is undeniable, and it’s also hard to argue that the party base’s positions here—such as advocating taxpayer subsidation of abortion until birth—are way out of step with the mainstream. And stripping the words “God” and “Jerusalem” out of the party platform are such a perfect encapsulation of this


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