Two Democrats, a Bedtime Story…

Dem1:  I can’t sleep

Dem2: What’s wrong

Dem1: Well, there was this old guy talking to a chair.  He said President Obama was in the chair.  I couldn’t see the President, but the guy kept talking to him

Dem2:  The President wasn’t really there

Dem1: Are you sure, it sounded like him

Dem2: I am sure, only liberal press are allowed to interview him.  Security would have never allowed it now go to bed

Dem1: I can’t.  I’m scared

Dem2: I told you, it wasn’t Obama

Dem1: No, it’s not that.  Well, it is a little, but that other guy, Mitt Romney – he said he has ideas.  Big Ones.  I’m afraid

Dem2: No, no.  There are no ideas left, the President and DNC have told us they are out of ideas. No new ideas, especially big ones

Dem1: What if the GOP has new ideas? What if they get out?  I think it’s under my bed.  Will you check?

Dem2: It’s not under your bed.  I told you – no new ideas, we’re all out

Dem1: Paul Ryan has ideas too.  What if it comes out in the middle of the night?  Without talking points from the DNC I won’t know what to think.  How do I think?

Dem2:  There will always be talking points, you don’t need to worry about thinking

Dem1:  Can you check my closet? What if it is in the closet?

Dem2:  No, Obama let everything out of the closet.   It was in Newsweek.

Dem1:  I am still afraid of this idea thing.  I haven’t had to think in 4 years.  My Obama poster is watching me too

Dem2:  Listen, you live at home on your parents healthcare.  By the time that runs out you’ll have a Gov’t union job and only need to work 20 years before you can retire with full benefits paid by the taxpayers.  What is there to worry about?

Dem1:  That I’m not really better off.  That this is a dull, adventureless journey from one entitlement to the next, a government-planned life, in a country where everything is free but us, is free but me.

Dem2: Maybe we can leave the hall light on tonight


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