Do you hear your voice in their message?

The official DNC platform was released today.  It is being widely reported that the President is mentioned 200 times over the 40 pages of the PARTY platform.  What isn’t mentioned – GOD.  God was removed from the 2008 version.

Other changes, Pro Israel verbiage was removed (actual support for Israel was removed long ago – ,

Pro gay marriage and abortion on demand (via public funding) language was added.  Sounds like a real page turner.

Two DNC delegates have compared Paul Ryan to Nazi’s just this week.

There is this gem:

Pro-lifers then spread out 3,300 red carnations along the sidewalk, offering a prayer for the 3,300 babies whose lives are lost to abortion in the U.S. each day.   Two of the female pro-abortion protesters bragged about their abortions and grabbed carnations to represent the number of abortions they had had.  Read more:

And last but not least, Code Pink protestors have dressed up like, well, follow the link.   Pink

Ah, the party of Hope and Change.


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