The Right Man for the Job

The Republicans should be proud of the convention they just wrapped up.  They conducted themselves honorably and stayed on message with a laser focus.  They also could not have been more clear – this is not the GOP that aided and abetted runaway spending over the last decade.  Nope, the Tea Party has been heard.  Look at the three prime time speakers this week.  Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and our next Vice President, Paul Ryan.  These aren’t the old guards, they are the thought leaders of the party.  Then there is our candidate for President. Mitt Romney presented his case to the American people last night.  He ‘introduced’ himself as a family man, a business man, as a man of faith and as man ready to embrace this moment in history.  The next week we will hear about the war on women, race baiting and the word extreme like a gagillion times.  What you won’t hear is anything to disprove the fact Mitt Romney is 100% more qualified for the Presidency versus it’s current occupant

Mitt started and ran a successful business.  He helped other successful businesses start and saved the Salt Lake City Olympics.  He governed and LEAD reform in the bluest of blue states.  Our current President pouts when the other side doesn’t captiulate to his every whim.  Or worse, he ignores the Constitution.

Mitt did something else.  He spoke to the American people.  His Presidency will about about them, not himself.  He will talk about issues and solutions.  He reached out to those that voted for Nobama in 2008 and said “I get it why you voted for him”.  Then he asked, but isn’t is sad that the best you felt about this President was election day 2008?  Every day since has been a disappointment.  We are running out of time.

Indeed.  The President wants to blame the past and continues to talk about finishing the job.  But he has had the job for 4 years.  $5.5T in debt, 1.5% growth and 23M unemployed.  We can’t afford to give him any more time.  Mitt has plan. More importantly, he has the experience and track record to back it up.  He is the right man for the job

Let’s get this done



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