Story the Media Won’t Tell: Obama Is Losing

Two interesting articles on the subject.  I am including the link to at the end of the post for your enjoyment.  I am also including a summary re-post and link to the fine piece Erik Erikson’s wrote for Red State. Be sure to follow the link as the entire article is spot on.  The degree to which the Nobama campaign will lie to divert attention from their own failures and extreme views – and the degree to which the lamestream media picks up the talking points in perfect harmony is a national embarrassment.  Not at all what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they ensured Freedom of the Press.


(emphasis mine)

All week long, as the economy deteriorates, most every anchor at most every news outlet, most every editorialist in most every paper, and most every “centrist” and liberal pundit has been pointing out the GOP’s extremist abortion position.

Few, if any, have pointed out that Barack Obama’s abortion on demand position is extreme. Few, if any, have pointed out how most Americans favor restrictions on abortion. Few, if any, have pointed out that Mitt Romney’s position is actually more mainstream than Barack Obama’s. Few, if any, have wanted to go beyond Politifact’s ham-handed cover for Obama on infanticide and get into what Barack Obama actually said in 2002. Hear him come out for infanticide yourself right here. Remember, the media is hiding behind the left-leaning Politifact (and yes, it does lean left) to avoid having to deal with this.

They cannot help themselves. But why are they doing it?

They are doing it for the exact same reason Joe Biden is claiming the GOP will put black people back in chains and why Barack Obama would rather talk about uteri than jobs ? they all know Barack Obama is losing this thing.


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