Breaking News, Cold Temperatures Reported in Hell: WaPo Poll: Romney Up 1 Ahead of Convention

Wow, when the Dems are on a full out assault on fabricated issues perpetuated by the lamestream media and still can’t win a PLUS 9 Poll…

While the media does its best to spin out political distractions, Romney continues to make steady progress in the polls. Today, ahead of the GOP convention in Tampa, a new poll was released by The Washington Post/ABC. For the first time in the poll, Romney has taken a 1-point lead, edging Obama 47-46. Considering the poll has a D+9 bias, Romney looks to be solidifying his support among a large swath of voters. 

It isn’t like the Washington Post didn’t try to game things for Obama. Like I said, the sample is a ridiculous D+9. As I have noted repeatedly, the electorate was D+7 in 2008. It is not going to become more democrat this year.


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