Obama’s Latest Whopper: He Created More Jobs Than Reagan!

There are about 50 articles today debunking this flat out lie.  None from the Lamestream press.  They are still waiting for the White House to edit their AP transcripts before reporting. Stephanie Cutter was on air spewing this pack of crap yesterday.  So far removed from reality it isn’t close.    There has not been ONE TIME since our Liar Liar Pants on Fire in Chief took office that unemployment has been lower vs Bush.  None. Nada.

The fact this administration believes the US population is so stupid is insulting.  Forget all the Washington pundits dissecting campaign strategies.  Nobama’s is simple – The American people are stupid.  Like the white lies we tell our  children for their own good.  He treats us like children.

That is why Romney and Ryan in particular are so appealing.  They talk to the American people like adults.  They respect our intelligence.    Anyway,  a couple of links to help you share facts with your liberal friends.





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