Fairness or Favortism?

I wish I had written this.  I got fired up reading it.  Partial posting, I encourage you to follow the link for the full article:


Let’s look at this idea: The politics of “fairness” are used when politicians want you to ignore their dismal record and then claim that some people haven’t been treated fairly. This is a mere diversion from failed ideas. When you look at the record, you’ll see that this administration’s definition of fairness really means favoritism.

There is no fairness in crony capitalism.  That is favoritism.

There is no fairness in a perpetual bailout culture where the omnipotent government deems some too big to fail and others too small to succeed. That is favoritism.

There is no fairness in forcing Americans to fork over money to pay for failed pet endeavors, like Solyndra. That is favoritism.

There is no fairness in an unaccountable government that takes money from the people and squanders it in a failed stimulus (or two if the president had his way). That is favoritism.

There is no fairness in enforcing some laws while defiantly ignoring others. That is favoritism.

What this “fairness” debate or the politics of favoritism achieves is a systematic desire by government to create animosity — animosity towards those who have or are just trying to achieve “success” — whatever that definition is to them. It also creates animosity towards government from those who built it all on their own without being a member of the government’s favored class.

This debate degrades the American dream because it removes the equality of opportunity and creates a class of favorites — the class of government “friends” — where I come from we call this cronyism. There is no equality or fairness in forced equal outcomes…

The president wants to — in his own words — “remake America.” Remake it into what?  A nation where the government is running roughshod over our lives and our liberty? A country where no one is allowed to succeed unless government gives its permission? No thanks.  I thought we threw that idea away when we left the regime of King George III. America doesn’t need to be remade into a third world country totally oppressed by a government that wants America to be a European Nanny State and where special favoritism is given to government’s special friends.


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