Open Letter from Nikki Haley

The attached is a great summary of the challenges we as a nation face in response to the runaway debt being incurred from promises to public unions.   The Democrats shrill about ‘fairness’ and ‘shared sacrifice’, but at the end of the day, what that really means to them is the tax payer picks up the tab.  Fairness is defined by how much they get and how little it costs them.  This is a great response from one of our Republican Governors leading the fight.


Full article can be found:

As almost anyone who has done so can tell you, working with government means that almost every day brings with it some surprise. It comes with the job, but what will never cease to amaze me is how the most simple, common-sense actions — the kind of actions taken every single day by our families and our businesses — cause such a colossal amount of furor when they are taken in government….

…I believe in shared sacrifice, that as we go through tough times it is so important that every one of us has some skin in the game. And to me, that means the taxpayers of this state should not have to pick up the tab for 100 percent of the increase in the cost of state employees’ health insurance.

Many in the private sector did not get pay raises this year. Many of them do not have the quality of benefits state employees have. And many do not have the extra cash to pick up health insurance increases for other people.

We simply don’t believe it is too much to ask state employees to join their friends and neighbors in splitting the increased cost of their health insurance…

…We all value our state employees, whether they be law enforcement officers or teachers or firefighters or so many others. But I don’t believe the taxpayers are willing to shoulder the entirety of that burden alone, and frankly, I don’t believe it’s right to ask them to.


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