The Race Card

As expected, the Romney campaign reacted quickly and forcefully to Biden’s “they gonna put y’all back in chains” comments from yesterday.  But a funny thing happened.  The White House didn’t walk the VP’s comments back.  Nope.  The only explanation, they were taken out of context.  Sound familiar?  There is a different explanation brewing, that the comment was intentional.

Biden’s notorious history of gaffes — he once asked a paraplegic Democrat to stand up at a campaign event — immediately led most political observers to assume that this was another classic “There Goes Joe” moment. However, when the Obama campaign refused to disavow Biden’s comment, the suspicion grew that the remark was a deliberate, officially-approved provocation. “A slavery metaphor aimed squarely at black listeners,” as Hot Air blogger Allahpundit called it, intended to demonize the Romney-Ryan ticket and inflame racial hostility toward the Republicans.

There will be many more cards dealt from the bottom of this deck between now and November.  That wasn’t an accident.  Just ask the Clintons…

Clinton and her husband, the former president, had the race card played against them by Team Obama. Bill had dared to suggest that Obama’s Democratic primary victory in South Carolina was similar to past victories there by the Rev. Jesse Jackson. For daring to state the obvious, the Clintons were savaged. Bill Clinton said it was Obama’s campaign that injected the race issue.

“I think that they played the race card on me,” a still furious Clinton said in a radio interview after the campaign was over. “And we now know, from memos from the campaign and everything, that they planned to do it all along. I was stating a fact, and it’s still a fact.”,0,1133578.column


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