Romney / Ryan

Romney and Ryan today laid out an alternative vision. Government isn’t here to give you things. It is here to protect your rights and then get out of the way so you can live your own life. Yes, there will be a safety net. But, its a net, off which we will climb and start our way back up the ladder. Its the American tradition.

Ryan repeated a point he made during his debut campaign speech on Saturday, about the importance of reversing Barack Obama’s irresponsible and ineffective spending: “I look at my kids and I want them to have the kind of future that I had, and that’s what my dad always told me… because in this country, every generation fixes their problems, makes things better and leaves their kids better off.  It is our duty to save the American Dream for our children.”

This is a compelling point for the Romney-Ryan campaign to make.  Obama has dumped an amount of government debt on America’s children that actually exceeds the average personal debt they will accumulate during their working lives.  No system that functions by looting the bank accounts of a generation that is too young to vote in protest is sustainable, or morally acceptable.  Obama-style deficit spending is taxation without representation and as Ryan pointed out, it’s the complete inversion of the American ideal.  Each generation is supposed to build greater prosperity for its children, not hand them the burned-out shell of an insolvent, exhausted system and tell them to figure out a way to pay its debts.



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