Unfit to Govern

This has become the season of Democrat disgrace. Beyond running the dirtiest, emptiest and most deceptive campaign in memory, the party has demonstrated a total incapacity to govern. The Democrat-controlled Senate has not passed a budget — the sine qua non of governing — in more than three years. Under Reid’s leadership, no budget resolution has even been brought to the floor. The federal debt, under Barack Obama, has increased by more than $5 trillion in less than four years. The economy is stalled. After saying (in a nonelection year) that he lacked the power unilaterally to alter immigration laws, the president did exactly that. The administration was so heedless of national security in its haste to laud Obama’s accomplishments that even the usually phlegmatic former Obama administration secretary of defense, Robert Gates, felt obliged to tell the president’s national security advisor to “shut the f— up.”

There is no cosmic buzzer. It’s all up to us voters.

Read the whole thing here: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2012/08/10/unfit_to_govern_115056.html


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