1200 Days – An Embarassing Milestone

Instead of the lamestream media focusing on Queen Nancies e.coli club idiocy.  Instead of them focusing on the Romney is a murderer and felon smear campaign.  Instead of them giving empathetic (and pathetic) interviews to a President who can’t get anything done with a Republican congress so he will just ignore the Constitution and govern by Fiat.  How about we focus on the utter disaster the democratic policies have created.  Can we look seriously at the lack of economic growth?  Can we talk about how taxes and regulation are killing this economy? Or how obamacare will destroy both healthcare and small business?  How about discussing how liberal bastions California and Illinois make Greece look financially sound?  Or how about the debt that has been piled up in the past three years with no adult supervision?

1200 days and $5 TRILLION of DEBT since the last budget.


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