“Fairness” at the Olympics

Hello All,

This is a perfect example of fairness versus opportunity.   In the land of Obama, fairness means redistributing after the game has been played.  Romney in contrast believes in trying to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.   Here is a real life example of Nobama’s fairness at play in the Olympics.  After the end of the qualifying round, the top 24 women gymnasts get to compete for the Gold Medal.  American gymnast, reigning World Champion and medal favorite Jordyn Wiber finished 4th after the prelims.

In a capitalist economy she would be headed to the finals with an equal opportunity to wind the gold medal.  But wait – Diversity and Fairness haven’t had their say yet.  The Olympic rules state that only TWO members from any one country can go to the finals.  Jordyn’s teammates finished 2nd and 3rd overall.  So the gymnast that finished 25th, yes 25th will get to compete in the finals while the 4th place finisher (and World Champion) will be excluded because of Fairness.

This is Nobama’s vision for our economy.  Your work, your effort, your sacrifice are his to redistribute in the name of fairness.  Forget everyone had an equal opportunity to perform.  Nope, not good enough.

Remember, you didn’t build that.



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