Show me yours, I’ll show you mine

The Donald is back and better than ever. Today, Donald Trump explained that Mitt Romney should release his tax records … but not until Barack Obama releases his college records. “Obama should give his college applications and records – you talk about transparency,” said Trump. “We will learn more about Obama when we look at those college applications than any other thing that can happen.”

The President’s first act as President was to have his records sealed –  Can we finally hold this guy accountable?

Roger Kimball Writes: “Who Is Barack Obama?” was the question that won’t go away. A lot of people, me included, thought it appalling that Barack Obama’s utter lack of experience wasn’t more of an issue in 2008. Looking back on the election, however, even more extraordinary is the fact that the people of the United States elected a man to be president whom they knew almost nothing about. It wasn’t just Obama’s lack of experience that was at issue; it was the lack at the center of his being: we really had no idea where this fellow came from, who he was, what he stood for.

Well, some of us had a pretty good idea of what he stood for. He stood for the “fundamental” transformation of the United States of America — its devolution into a species of socialist dystopia. He stood, in short, for the Dependency Agenda, where the citizens are universally dependent on the government and its cadre of managers for all aspects of life.


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