Obama tells Business Owners: You didn’t get here on your own and we want our cut


Next year on my tax returns I am going to claim 150,000,000 dependents.  Apparently everyone is entitled to what you worked hard for.  Vote Democrat, it’s easier than working.

President Obama, in a speech to supporters, suggested business owners owe their success to government investment in infrastructure and other projects — saying “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.””

This is a truly freighting statement from the President of the United States.  The fact the man elected to represent us all believes he can tax us to oblivion because we drove on a road paid for by taxes is simply stunning.  Those that have succeeded have already paid a disproportionate amount to support our infrastructure through our progressive and punitive tax system.   His other claim is that these individuals received help from others along the way.  Even so, how does that entitle the President to anymore of their earnings?  Al Gore did invent the internet (not!) and most of Americans send their kids to public schools.   The irony here of course is access to these resources is completely FAIR (our would be if the Democrats allowed school vouchers).   Fairness is about equal opportunity NOT altering the outcome after the hard work has been done.  We all had the same opportunity to take advantage of those resources.  Some people simply made better use of them or took bigger risks along the way.

Is it FAIR a sales rep made 2X as much as you last year? After all, you both work at the same company and they got help from you to meet their quota right?  I don’t’ know – is 50% of your salary at risk? Or do you get paid 100% of your salary even if revenue falls short?  Yes, you work hard.  Yes you’re smart.  But are you willing to take that kind of financial risk and be away from your family as you travel to make it happen?  Further, don’t the sales they make actually drive the revenue that pays your salary?

In reality you’re both working together for mutual benefit.  But that is not what the President would have you believe.  And it is worse then you think –

It is a lie premised on Marxism. It really is. It is not hyperbole to say it. Prior to Marx, people did not clearly think of economics as class divided and did not think of the collective overriding the individual. Certainly the thinking was there sociologically, but not crystalized in economics.

As Daniel Henninger noted in the Wall Street Journal recently, “There is no theory anywhere in non-Marxist economics that says growth’s primary engine is a social class. A middle class is the result of growth, not its cause. Barack Obama not only believes in class-based growth but has built his whole growth strategy around it.”

President Obama believes the rich should pay more in taxes because, in his mind, they have benefited more from society. The reality is the opposite. Society has benefited because of these people. They have profited not by pillaging society, but by providing good to society. They have given back.


Again – off the sideline and onto the field everyone.   Nobama must be defeated in November or he will finish his transformation of American to a nation of Obamazombies


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