Nobama’s Deception

Yesterday’s ‘announcement’ was really just a stage production.  Nobama was simply trying to do two things.  First, he wants to divide Republicans by baiting them into a class warfare argument so he can paint Romney as a defender of the rich.   As Nobama is fond of saying, this is a false choice.  If the GOP stands firm it will be the Dems that crack on this issue.  Left coast liberals can’t afford to have taxes go up on incomes over $200K in high cost of living blue states.  At risk Dems in the House and Senate will not vote to increase taxes on business or investors 4 months before the election. Nope.  Second, like a master magician, he is trying to distract you while he performs his trick.  In this case, getting re-elected with the worse economic record of any President in history.

His “the GOP is blocking my best efforts” narrative is particularly insulting given he spent the first two years of his administration with a filibuster-proof majority.  He squandered it by passing partisan Healthcare legislation no one wanted that will ultimately go down as the single largest tax increase in history.  So, don’t let Barry the Great distract our attention from the real issues:


  • We have 41 months of unemployment over 8%
  • Employment has stalled from the first quarter 12′ and GDP growth is slowing
  • This is the worse economic recovery in modern history
  • He spent $1T on a stimulus that only stimulated Democratic interests
  • He has blocked energy exploration in this country via drilling permits and the keystone pipeline while wasting Billions on unproven alternative energy
  • He has added $4T in debt in 3.5 years.
  • He passed an entitlement this country can’t afford.  He did so by lying to the American people, hiding the true costs until after the 2012 election and did so against the will of the American people.
  • With ObamaCare, he has passed a massive tax on all Americans
  • He gave guns to Mexican drug cartels that resulted in the death of a US agent
  • He has ignored the law and illegally granted amnesty to millions of illegals who will now be eligible for free health care.  In doing so, he DESTROYED actual bi-partisan efforts on the subject
  • He has sued states trying to protect their borders
  • He has sued states trying to enforce election laws
  • His reset with Russia has utterly failed
  • He wants Small Business and ‘wealthy’ Americans to pay their fair share in taxes.  He defines this as 40%.  General Electric paid NO Federal income tax in 2010.  Zero – Fairness Barry?
  • Congress exempted themselves from the Healthcare law and his administration hands out waivers as political favors
  • His administration is responsible for leaking security information that has put all Americans at risk.
  • These leaks led to the capture and torture of the doctor that helped lead us to UBL
  • His broken campaign promises would exceed this current list
  •  He has also gone back on agreements reached while negotiating with the GOP during the “budget crisis”  – And he wonders why the GOP won’t take him at his word anymore
  • He has created an army of unelected, unaccountable CZAR’s circumventing the power of Congress and the People
  • His autobiography has been proven to be a work of fiction
  • His attack campaign ads have also been proven to be a work of fiction – they continue to air
  • A majority of Americans believe he has fundamentally transformed America.  A majority of them, believe it is for the worse.

Nobama’s community organizer tactic of creating a straw man argument offends me.  He uses this tactic to mislead and misdirect the public by falsely assigning opinions to his opponents.  The GOP has spent the past 3.5 years being vilified and he wonders why we can’t reach common ground.  Well Barry, it is simple really.  You are never genuinely seeking common ground.  Ever.  You’re seeking complete capitulation by and defeat of your opponent.  You’re not negotiating.  You’re dictating terms. You are smug, crass and untrustworthy.

The media is doing everything it can to help Nobama change the subject.  He is trying to control the argument by making Romeny play defense.  With a record like Nobama’s, I can’t blame him.  But we can’t let him.


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