Taxmaggedon – Calculate YOUR 2013 Cost of Voting for Nobama

The 2013 Tax Cliff – By the Numbers

President Nobama will stand in the rose garden today and call for huge tax increases on those making more than $250K a year.  Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation reported that 53% of those taxes will hit Small Business.  Employment is stalling, unemployment is stuck at 8.2%, we already spent $1T on a failed stimulus and added $4T in new debt from his deficit spending and he wants to raise taxes on Small Business to keep funding pet liberal projects.  Sure, he will claim it is to ‘lower the deficit”, but it won’t.  His proposed tax increases would reduce the deficit by 5%.   But that will never get applied to deficit reductions.  His Buffet tax would raise all of $4B – that is equal to what Americans spend on Halloween candy, but it plays well in the liberal press (I stole that from the second linked article).   What he REALLY wants is to fund more deficit spending on special interests so he can buy votes.  More Government hiring, not private sector economic health.  This is a transfer of funds from the private sector to government.  From YOU, to HIM.  This is about wealth redistribution and income equality – but don’t call him an ideologue of socialist.  Heaven forbid.

In what reality is the Government entitled to over a third of what YOU EARN?  I work to provide for my family, not Pelosi, Reid and Nobama.

Folks, we have a spending problem, NOT a revenue problem.   We have a Nobama problem.

Find your 2013 impact in the attached chart.  The math is pretty easy – just for grins, calculate  your cost of voting for Nobama.   For those filing $100K please be prepared to write an INCREMENTAL $5K check to the IRS next year if you vote for Nobama.   What could you do with an extra $5K?  Would you rather have that $5K or give it to him?  Please note, these numbers EXCLUDE the tax/penalty for Nobamacare

Please see my previous post “Indiana vs Illinois” and an earlier one “Two maps, one conclusion” to see the impacts these policies have on business.

Chart and stats from:

Additional reading material:


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