Nobama’s Math Sucks

Dear President Tax-a-Lot,

The Stimulus failed because the economic model it was built on doesn’t work.   You keep talking about shared sacrifice.  Where is the sharing?  Did I miss the equal amounts of REAL, NON DEFENSE expense cuts you detailed before asking Americans to pay more in taxes to support your pet projects?  Did you suddenly embrace your personally appointed Simpson-Bowles commission findings?  Did you reduce spending to <20% of GDP?  If not, there is no shared sacrifice.  Don’t bother me again until you do.



Our Campaigner in Chief proposed yet another tax increase today.  He wants “millionaires and billionaires” pay “their fair share.”  I won’t even go into the math of how that is a stupid comment.  It has been proven time and time again that the top tax brackets in this country pay 80% of the federal taxes while the bottom 50% pay zero.  Nor will I correct him that it isn’t a tax cut.  He is talking about extending current rates.  No one will see their tax bill go down as a result of this.  No, I want to talk about his definition of millionaires.   Apparently they are small businesses and families earning $250K a year.  I didn’t go to Harvard, but I know that is wrong.  Two examples:

You own a business earning $500K a year.  Before you turn on a light, pay a supplier or make payroll, you owe King Barry $200K.   40 points of margin gone.  Awesome.  Of course, he is expecting you to hire, but if you hire over 50 employees the Nobama regs and TAXES hit you.  Genius.  Sure fired way to jump start an economy Barry.   And once again – he is taxing job creators.  Even his MSM cheerleaders are saying his tax increase will hit 1M SMALL BUSINESSES

So you and your spouse jointly earn $250K.  You support two jobs by juggling responsibilities, carpools and daycare.  Your life is crazy, but you make it all work for your family.  Stop, don’t pass go, Nobama wants to TAKE, CONFISCATE 36% of that.  After writing Nobama a $90K paying-your-fair-share-check, you still need to pay state taxes, sales taxes, obamataxes, your mortgage, living expenses, save for your kids college and your retirement.  Congratulations! You’re a millionaire. Where is Regis?

President “nothing is my fault” is  railing in the press to have Mitt’s finances disclosed.  Tales of swiss accounts and tax returns.  I have a better idea Barry – Release your grades from college b/c apparently you failed at least Math and Economics.  While we are disclosing things, how about releasing the Fast and Furious documents Congress has a legal right to see.  You’re transparent alright, we see right through your BS.

One last angry rant.  I am sick and tired of Elected Officials at every level calling taxes revenue.  It isn’t revenue – it is confiscated funds.   Taxes.  Other peoples money.  We earn it, they take it and spend it. Apparently with no end in sight.



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