Our Imperial President

Two really good articles today on the same topic.  Our Imperial President.  Democrats swoon when he says “congress won’t act and I can’t wait”.   They eat that up.  One problem – the founding fathers didn’t want that much power to reside in the hands of one person.  Oh, and by the way Barry, your democrat cohorts were voted out of office in 2010 after spending a Trillion dollars on a failed stimulus plan and ramming an entitlement down our throat against public consent. The PEOPLE don’t want you to act and can’t wait for you to leave office.

I had a conversation with MOCGATOR over the 4th.  I am convinced Nobama studied Constitutional Law so he could be equipped with how to get around it.  Find the loopholes, the edges.  Below is a summary of  some of King Barry’s Constitutional atrocities.  A link to the original WSJ article is included below.  As is a link to the second article I referenced.

Sadly, this list isn’t inclusive and doesn’t cover the Chicago-style politics he has employed.  His administration has personally attacked private citizens for donating to his opponent.  He has pitted Citizen against Citizen with a campaign of class warfare and he has openly challenged the authority of his co-equal branches of government.  Notably, the bullying of the Supreme court over Citizens United and now, Obamacare.  His Consumer Protection and Obamatax Czars will have virtually unlimited power and budget, with no over site. 

When does it end – November 6, 2012.

1. Congress refused to pass the Dream Act – Obama issues an executive order to not enforce the law

2.  Federal law criminalizes marijuana use – Obama order DOJ to not prosecute.

3.  Marriage Act – Executive order ignoring existing law

4.  No Child Left Behind – Dept of Education issues waivers to circumvent pieces of the law he doesn’t like

5.  Congress (including dems) say no to cap and trade – EPA expands ‘reach’ of the clean air act

6.  Congress (including dems) reject card check – NLRB gets stacked and push through ‘quickie’ election law

7.  Congress denies net neutrality – FCC enforces anyway

8.  Made recess appoints to NLRB – while Congress was not in recess

9.  Expanded Executive Privilege to block fast and furious probe

10.  Auto bailouts that ignored standing contract law and gave money to unions before creditors

11.  Sued a US State over immigration laws, LOST and then cut the state off from Federal support so they could not enforce their own law

12.  Florida trying to clean up Voter rolls before the election – DOJ actively blocking

13.  Blocking states attempting fracking

Full Article:  http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304141204577506881495497626.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_LEADTop

Charles Krauthammer: Imperial Incompetence:

He takes America into a war in Libya with U.N. approval, but none from Congress. Yet that awful Bush had the constitutional decency to twice seek and gain congressional approval before he initiated hostilities.

The Department of Health and Human Services issues Obamacare regulations treading so heavily on the free-exercise rights of Catholic institutions that Obama’s own allies rebel. The new regulation concocted to tame the firestorm blithely orders private insurers to provide free contraceptives to employees of the objecting religious institutions.

By what possible authority does a president order private companies to provide free services? To say nothing of the 1,200 Obamacare waivers granted with royal arbitrariness according to the (political) whims of an HHS secretary.

And now immigration. Obama adopts a policy of major non-enforcement of the immigration law – a variant of the very DREAM Act he could not get through even a Democratic Congress – and promulgates it unilaterally, while his Justice Department claims the right to invalidate state laws that might in some way impinge on that very non-enforcement.

Full Article:  http://www.ocregister.com/opinion/law-362251-federal-obama.html


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