Knife to a Gun fight


Elections have consequences.  We found that out in 2008 and we have the opportunity to teach that lesson in 2012.  BUT, we can not go half way.  This is no time for RINO’s.  It is time to take the fight to the liberals.   It is also time to wake up.  Compromise to a democrat means total capitulation by republicans.  We get taken in every budget deal because tax increase are real,immediate and permanent while spending cuts are always in the future and never hit their targeted levels.  This is why I love what Chris Christie did this week.  The Democratic legislature went back on a budget deal they struck so Christie is bringing them back to session over the July 4th holiday.  Hold them accountable.  Put them on record.

I am including a link to a BRILLIANT article.  It makes two VERY important points.  First, it clearly articulates how this country is at a historic tipping point.  We are DANGEROUSLY close to having 55% of this country dependent upon the government in some meaningful way.  Once that happens, unwinding the welfare state becomes impossible – see Europe – and the great American experiment starts to decay. 

The second point is understanding why the GOP always loses – Despite the left wings claims to the contrary, we lose – here is why:

We always lose. Conservatism has a pristine losing streak for the last hundred years. Pristine. This must be understood. One of the biggest and most repeated lies about politics is that Democrats capitulate to Republicans. In the past three months, every late-night host has joked about Obama and his progressives caving into their GOP masters. That has never happened. Not once. For two reasons, Democrats always win: 1) because elected Republicans are wimps, cowards and/or idiots ; and 2) because the Democrats have a secret trick.

Here’s how it works.

Sally the Democrat wants to teach sign language to baby seals. She asks Bob the Republican for $8 billion to fund a pilot program. Before he can answer, Sally calls Bob a heartless baby seal-hating Nazi sympathizer. Bob publicly denies the charges. He then praises Sally’s program as a worthy cause and asks if she can get by with $2 billion. Sally settles begrudgingly with Bob for $4 billion.

And we let the Democrats call this compromise.


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