Two Maps, One Conclusion


Take a look at these two maps.  The one on top is from the 2012 Small Business Survey they did in partnership with the Kauffman Foundation.  It rates Small Business Friendliness by state.  The one on the bottom is the most recent electoral map from   Red – Romney,  Blue – Nobama, Grey toss up.

Notice anything?  I mean, holy cow, could these not actually be the same map?  Do we get it now.  States that have embraced and employed the failed and flawed policies of the left are antagonistic to business.  “The survey asked about tax rates, simplified licensing regulations, zoning laws, environmental constraints, and established training and networking programs”  Note to Democrats:  These things matter in the real world. 

The lowest grades – California, the liberal ideal.  Utopia for community organizers.  Every liberal, socialist card in the deck has been played in California.  And failed.  Why would we let nobama have another four year to do this to all of America?  If we do, the next map I will put up will be global.  And it will be very, very ugly.


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