In your face


Take a good look at it.  Let that image sear into your brain.  Our Smug President, who bullied the chief justice into a decision, who only won based on the Governments (now unlimited) power to tax, was out within 24 hours of the decision telling everyone – it isn’t a tax.  They now regulate the banks, have opened our borders, taken over healthcare and blocked Canadian oil – Why wouldn’t he celebrate.

Mad yet?  Me too.

The MSM will be working overtime to help his royal smugness sell Nobamacare this time around so it will be up to us to cut through the fog of lies.

Starting with the buyers remorse from the unholy alliance of industry groups he bribed to get this thing signed in the first place.  It appears many of them now want out.

Also, listen to his language in during his victory comments – “Implement and Improve”.  He knows it is unworkable as is – DO NOT LET HIM OFF THE HOOK.  HE OWNS THIS.

And let’s not forget the details, like how to pay for it.  Under Nobamacare millions of Americans (and now illegal immigrants) will gain coverage without adding a single doctor to the system.   And the price tag for this disaster has spiked since it was originally passed, now  at a staggering cost of $1.76 trillion over the next 10 years.   At least Nobama has finally achieved his “Fairness goal”.   If you’re black or white, rich or poor you can expect a reduction in benefits and an increased tax burden.  Awesome.

It’s also a lie that a tiny percentage of the population will pay the penalty. The fact is that under the new Obamacare regime, millions will opt for the penalty, simply because there’s no purpose to paying $1,500 per year for health insurance when you can pay a $750 penalty, wait to get sick, then jump on a federally-mandated health plan. And it’s also a lie that we’re all going to get lower premiums and better health care. Who’s going to pay for that? And how are we going to achieve that if the insurance companies are forced to bear the brunt of restrictions that force them to take those with pre-existing conditions, charge men and women equally, do away with coverage limits?

The key here is that the Obama administration is now caught between a rock and a hard place. They can either admit that this is an unconstitutional seizure of individual liberty (i.e. it’s a mandate) or they can admit that the statute is the single largest tax increase in world history.


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