This is no longer funny


Policy differences are one thing.  $16T of Debt is obscene.  But when a sitting President ACTIVELY orders Federal Agencies to IGNORE a ruling by the Supreme Court – folks, we have crossed a line we should all fear.  Agree or disagree with the ruling or the policy, you CAN’T agree with the actions of the White House.  Ignoring Congress, Ignoring the Supreme Court – no one should be above the law.  Nobama doesn’t see it that way.   Democrats cheering this one really should stop and think of the implications of what just happened.  If they did, they would afraid.

Nobama instructed DHS to IGNORE calls from agents in Arizona.  Only Arizona.  To make matters worse, they added a hotline for illegal immigrants to call to report enforcement of the law.  Did you get that, your tax dollars being used so ILLEGAL immigrants can inform YOUR government Arizona is ENFORCING it’s laws.

Stephen Dinan of the Washington Timesexplains the response:

The Obama administration said Monday it is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police.

Laura Ingraham, Fox News:

Now, enter the new hotline announced by the Justice Department for those with concerns about both the Arizona and the Alabama immigration law.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have reached the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. If you are calling about the immigration law in Arizona SB 1070 or the immigration law in Alabama HB 56, or any other immigration law, press 1 for English.

INGRAHAM: Ok, how about a hotline that includes an option to press 3 for those who feel like the government has abdicated its responsibility to enforce our borders and immigration laws on the book. Or maybe press 4 if you’ve been the victim of a crime committed by an illegal alien. Well, don’t hold your breath.




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