Nobama Asserts Executive Privilege Day After Demanding Crossroads Private Donor List

You can’t make this stuff up.  The most transparent Administration in history has taken their hypocrisy to new heights.  From

Like Watergate, Iran-Contra, and the Valerie Plame nothingburger — all Republican scandals the media could never amplify and push enough — no one died when Bush fired federal prosecutors he himself appointed. 

Fast and Furious, however, has resulted in the death of U.S. law enforcement personnel and who knows how many innocent Mexican citizens.

For a year now, the Obama administration has been counting on the media’s unwillingness to cover the story as a way to avoid giving Congressman Darrell Issa the specific documents he’s requested. New Media kept pushing the story, as did Issa, and a very few brave MSM types — and as a result even Obama’s Media Palace Guards have been forced to give this story a fraction of the attention deserved.

Today, under the glare of a tardy media spotlight, Obama had a choice between his Attorney General living under a Congressional contempt vote or to “come clean” on what really happened when the Obama Administration chose to hand who knows how many guns to Mexican druglords that resulted in who knows how many deaths.

Obama chose a cover up.


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