Clinton vs Obama II

Oh to be a fly on the wall in the Nobama inner circle.  What must they be saying about Bill Clinton.  They love him, they hate him.  They need him, they need to distance themselves from him.  Delicious.  This week alone, Clinton has contradicted the Nobama campaign messaging no less than three times.  He has argued for extension of the Bush Tax Cuts, has defended Romney’s business records and credentials to be President and he has stated he believes we are already in the next recession.  All of this while campaigning FOR Nobama.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

Only Bill knows his true motivations here, but the result is he is schooling the current occupant of the White House in politics.  It is actually an interesting contrast.  Clinton was a master at stealing your talking points and making them his own.  He frustrated the hell out of Newt and really was a master at triangulation.  His economic record is better than any modern President save Reagan, and that pains me to say.  Nobama on the other hand uses Chicago politics whereby he demonizes you and your ideas, uses fear and blame, and makes untrue statements attributed to ‘strawmen’  to advance his agenda.  Clinton compromised by stealing your best ideas and weakening your argument.  Nobama’s version of compromise is “elections have results, you lost”

Which brings me to Hillary.  Nobama needs her, but she doesn’t need him.  It is really a matter of what she wants.  The argument could be made she would be a stronger candidate in 2016 running as an outsider versus having to defend Nobama’s legacy as the current VP – IF he wins.  A loss and she is done.    Plus, her popularity has always been higher when she isn’t over exposed.  Barry could use a jolt of 65% approval right now and we all know he would love to send Average Joe on a long vacation somewhere, but the baggage that would come with the Clintons… Not sure he could do it.  Rumor is FLOTUS does not like Hillary and Bill would be your inlaw.  Not to mention the ego crushing admission that he NEEDS them… I don’t see it happening.  Not unless something major breaks.


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