Say Cheese!!!

OK, everyone look at me and wait for the flash.  I want to capture this moment…

Good Morning Friends,

How Epic was last night?  Awesome.  Walker carried 53% of the vote and actually INCREASED the size of victory over his 2010 win.  Despite exit polling to the contrary (more on that in a minute) the issue was never in doubt.  Now, when precincts are reporting 120% turnout, you are a little worried, but the weeks leading up to election told the story.  Walker turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a $154 million surplus.  Since he took office unemployment and property taxes are down.    He has managed this with no help from the Nobama economic recovery.  The good people of Wisconsin understood this.

What they also came to learn about was the state of modern day Public Unions.  This isn’t the 1930’s when coal miners needed unions to protect their lives, or to prevent 80 hour work weeks or sweatshop conditions on the factory floor. No, this was about a group of individuals who believe they are entitled to benefits beyond the citizenry they serve, to be paid for by the citizens they serve, irrespective cost.

From today’s American Thinker:

And it’s worth recalling how brutally they fought. They occupied the state capital for weeks. They harassed GOP lawmakers and their families, tried to recall state Senators and defeat a conservative Supreme Court judge, while Democratic lawmakers abdicated their legislative duty by fleeing the state. They lost in the end because Mr. Walker and Republicans rode out the storm, passed their reforms, and are now able to show Wisconsin voters the beneficial results.

As sweet as the victory is, and it is my friends, the self-inflicted damage the Democrats did to themselves is even better.

  • California and Illinois, please see New Jersey and Wisconsin for real reform ideas as I will not be bailing you out of bankruptcy
  • Unions – you went all in and lost by 7 points.  Well done.
  • Nobama – your fundraisers in neighboring states the week before this election will come back to haunt you.  You turned your back on the unions.  Good luck with that ground game in November
  • Pollsters – You suck.  They were calling this a 50/50 race at 9pm and it was a 7 point spread.  Biased polling may make you feel better, but it isn’t reality.  Nor is the phantom 10 point lead you’re calling for Nobama
  • Nobama – He had a really bad week.  Bill Clinton totally upstaged him.  Only one of the two were in Wisconsin.  Look for a post on this emerging sub plot later in the week
  • Tincup9 – I predicted a win with 52% of the vote.  I apologize


The Democrats are selling an ugly message: elections don’t count until the Democrat wins.  All resistance to their demands is labeled “divisive” and “offensive” with Orwellian fervor.  Raising money to fend off their political assaults is sinful – only they have the right to amass multi-million-dollar war chests.  That’s not an attractive message for an increasingly restless national electorate… especially the much-sought-after “moderates.”  What trace of “moderation” can be detected in today’s Democrat Party?   Somewhere, Bill Clinton watches the Obama team fall apart over Wisconsin, and thinks to himself: “Amateurs.”

Check back daily – much to discuss


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  1. Frank Truthenstein says :

    This site is unbelievably bad.

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