Blame the ATM’s in Europe for the Economy…but not Barry

You know, I was trying to think of something lighthearted today, but the reaction by the Democrats to the latest jobs report ruined my otherwise cheerful mood.  First, recall the actual report itself.  Unemployment increased to 8.2% and the GDP growth was anemic.  This is horrible news for many reasons.   I am not sure about your workplace, but that economic news was not greeted with budgetary optimism at mine.

Yet the Democrats are running around telling everyone the GOP is rooting for the economy to fail.  Really guys?  Really?  I disliked Bill Clinton.  He made me ill, but he was a better Fiscal Conservative then W.  I tell everyone that.  I think Nobama is an egotistical child and has no business running a lemonade stand, but I am not rooting for the economy to fail. My house is worth less, work is harder, there is a titanic tax bill looming after the first of the year and my kids are $16T in debt.  I am rooting for us to get our Fiscal House in Order, NOW.  Idiots.






Nobama’s call to action for Congress to get to work is comical.  Harry hasn’t passed a budget in three years.  The only bipartisan act the Senate has completed was to vote no on Nobama’s budget 99-0.  The GOP has been the only branch of government actually working the past two years.  Actively blocking any more failed Keynesian economic policies from adding debt to my kids.   Here is a way to think about it, a page right out of Nobama’s playbook.  The GOP has Reduced or Saved $10T in Debt by not letting Nobama spend more money. 

There, I feel much better.

The economic news this late into the election cycle was devastating for Nobama.   Things are about to get ugly.  The attached video is a perfect answer to those criticisms.

Barry addresses his fan base.


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