Total Recall: The Summer Blockbusters Are Here!

Happy Friday,

It is June and I am giddy.  Keep reading, it’s safe.  This month will see three of my favorite political sub plots play out.  First there is Dances with Wolves.  Our star Elizabeth “Spreading Bull” Warren will be forced into a primary run off after she fails to secure enough delegates this weekend.  Those debates should be GREAT as she tries to explain herself.

Next up is the remake of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest starring the entire liberal base.  SCOTUS is set to rule on the legality of Obamacare this month.  The 6-3 ruling against the mandate ( I would be MORE surprised by a 5-4 ruling vs a 7-2 ruling, but more on that in a future post) will send the entire left wing into the nut house.  They will implode.  The vote to strike down the law in total will be 5-4 to strike, but the damage will have long been done.

Next week we have the Wisconsin version of Total Recall.  Walker is going to win with 52% of the vote.  His opponent has been unable to name ONE budgetary policy he would enact if elected.  Has failed to identify ONE school district that has been harmed by Walkers reforms.  Oh, did I mention, housing values are up, the state deficit is down, unemployment is down…sorry, I know how liberals hate facts.  One more, Union membership and dues are down.  Wait, how can that be?  I thought the thugs that occupied the capital said Unions were the bedrock of civilization? You mean if you don’t FORCE people to join and pay, they won’t on their own.  Shock face

Here is why all three issues are important as we head to November.  First, the elite left believe they are entitled to everything without consequence.  Not so.  Second, the unadulterated power grabs this administration has taken reached a pinnacle with Obamacare.  This was so poorly written, so obvious,  it left the liberal SCOTUS justices with two choices, strike it down or fundamentally shift the balance of power in the country away from the people and courts.  Finally, Wisconsin.  This is the biggest issue of the November campaign.  It is Taxpayers vs the Government.  Game On!


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