Remember your ISMS class in school…and Seinfeld

Good Morning All,

Below is the transcript and video of Britt Hume covering what he believes is a central issue in this years election.  Really, well done and well said.  Worth 2 minutes of your time.  He cuts through the fog and BS of the NObama campaign and clearly tells the viewer this election is really a choice between Capitalism and Socialism.  Except, it really isn’t socialism in it’s purest form is it?  Socialism is from each according to his means to each according to his needs.  Society owns and distributes the wealth.  That isn’t what Team Nobama is doing though.  Their view of the world consists of a ruling elite deciding what is fair, where centralized government owns a major portion of industry and determines what industry produces, decides who gets what share of the pie and where private property is confiscated for the greater good.  Those isms range from State Socialism through some pretty ugly ISMs in your history books.

Am I being a bit dramatic to make a point, maybe.  But the last 4 years have been Government by Fiat.  Deem and Pass, Czars (really, they used the word Czars, how obvious), HHS etc.

And as promised, the last link is a clip from a classic Seinfeld episode.  Always a good watch but funnier if you picture George as David Axelrod and Jerry as Nobama.  Then pretend they are trying to come up with a campaign theme after 3.5 years of failed policies…


The Obama campaign’s determination to press its attack on Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital raises the prospect that this election will in part be a referendum on capitalism itself.

The President and his team will say there is nothing wrong with capitalism or private equity investing, which is how Romney got rich. But the repeated snide references to Romney’s wealth and the charge that he was a profiteering job-killer suggest they don’t really mean that.

In fact, the capitalist system has always had a political vulnerability: For all the wealth and jobs it has created, capitalism distributes its benefits unevenly. Democrats won’t say they don’t like capitalism, but they like it better when it is heavily taxed and regulated, the better to keep it from exploiting workers and despoiling the earth. That’s why the top 10 per cent pay seventy percent of the taxes — income taxes — in this country, and why we have a large entitlement state in part to redistribute the wealth. That’s also why we have a growing regulatory apparatus. All this could kind of coexist when we had a booming economy that threw off enough tax receipts to pay for everything. But now we don’t. Job growth is stalled and debt is exploding.

The Obama side says unbridled capitalism is at fault and more taxes, regulation, redistribution and spending are the remedy. The Romney side says just the opposite. Which side the voters take will decide not just the election this year but the foreseeable future of this country.

Link with Video –

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